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Margraten Memorial Concert 2011

On Sunday, September 2, 2011, a concert was be held at the American Cemetery in Margraten for the sixth successive year in honor of the memory of the fallen members of the Allied armed forces of World War II.  
This open-air concert was given by the Limburg Symphony Orchestra.

The program consisted of MISSA SOLEMNIS (opus 123 in D gr.t) by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The performers
Limburg Symphony Orchestra
Roberto Rizzi Brignoli, conductor
Kelly God, soprano
Mirjam Schreur, mezzosoprano
Yves Saelens, tenor
Math Dirks, bass
Brabant Koor (Louis Buskes, choir master)

In 1809 the nobleman Rudolph van Oostenrijk commissioned Beethoven to compose a celebratory mass for his investiture as Archduke of Olmütz. As it turned out, this ceremony didn’t take place until eight years later. But the mass wasn’t finished even then. Beethoven had worked himself into a corner with the elaborateness he had planned for the composition. Other pieces were played at his patron’s festive investiture, but Beethoven maintained a sense of perspective. When his Missa solemnis was completed three years later, he considered it his greatest work, and that was much more important to him.

You will be listening to "Beethoven the Idealist" in his magnificent Missa Solemnis. It's a work with a message: "From the heart – May it reach many hearts" says the text above the Kyrie, comparable to "Alle Menschen werden Brüder" (all men will be brothers) from the Ninth Symphony.
In addition, the Mass aims for a higher goal. “And while working on this great Mass, my main aim was to awaken religious feelings among the musicians as well as listeners and to anchor these feelings within them.” You have to be a really magnificent idealist if, when confronted by life circumstances such as were experienced by Beethoven, you don't doubt God but actually honour Him instead.

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