>> Liberation Concert Margraten 2017
Concert date for 2017: Sunday 17 September 2017   >> Read more


House Rules
  • visitors should behave in a respectful and dignified fashion.
  • turn off your cell phones.
  • speak in a low voice.
  • dress appropriately, even if the weather is warm (no shorts or sleeveless T-shirts).
  • there are no catering facilities available at the cemetery.
  • the concert will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes; bring water and/or a light snack with you (but picnicking is not permitted).
  • next to the centrally located seating section (in part reserved), an area will be marked out where you can stand. It is not allowed to bring and sit on your own folding chair.
  • pets are not allowed.
  • follow all instructions given by the officials responsible for maintaining order promptly and without question.
  • during the concert, opened umbrellas will not be allowed in the seating section.